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Comparison of the regain variants

There are two variants of regain: The desktop search and the server search.

Funktional differences

The desktop search is meant for those who want to use regain on their workstation, or who want to give regain a try. The server search is meant for administrators of a web server, who want to integrate a search in their web site or intranet site. Such a search may also include documents that are not accessible over the web server. For example it is possible to offer a search for net drives.

So if you are not sure which variant you should download, take the desktop search.

The following table shows the differences of the two variants:

regain desktop search regain server search
Best choice for newbies
regain crawler
regain search mask
Complete configuration of the crawler in one XML file
Simple configuration of the crawler over a web interface
Complete configuration of the search mask in one XML file
Customizable look of the search mask by JSPs
Integrated web server
Runs in a servlet engine (e.g. Tomcat)
Integration in the task bar

Technical differences

The core of both variants is the same. Both include the crawler, which is needed to create the search index, and the search mask, which is needed for searching on a search index. Also the configuration of both variants is done on the same way: The XML files CrawlerConfiguration.xml and SearchConfiguration.xml, but the desktop search offers a web interface, that writes the most important settings to these two files.

The desktop search also comes with a small program that manages these two parts. This program integrates itself in the task bar and automatically starts the crawler, so the search index is updated regularily or whenever the configuration has changed. Furthermore it provides a web server, which is needed by the search mask in order to work.

At the server search the crawler is an independent program, which the administrator has to call by hand (or automated) in order to update the search index. Furthermore the admistrator has to run the search mask in a servlet engine. The web server is not delivered with regain.

Technically speaking the desktop search is a stand-alone application. That is an application that needs – aside from Java – no more programs to work. The server search is split in the crawler on the one hand, which is a stand-alone console application, and the search mask on the other hand, which is a .war archive that has to be integrated in a Java servlet engine (like Tomcat).

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