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Installation of the server variant of regain

This article describes, how to install the server variant of regain.

The regain server search consists of two separate applications: The crawler and the search. The crawler creates the search index. The search executes search queries on the finished index and presents the results.

Installation of the crawler

  1. Ensure you have the jre installed At least version 1.6 is required, but the latest version is normally recommended.
  2. Download the regain server search from the download page and unpack it.
  3. Create a program directory, e.g. c:\Program Files\regain\crawler.
  4. Copy the content of the directory regain\runtime\crawler from the downloaded zip-file to the program directory.
  5. Change the file CrawlerConfiguration.xml for your needs.
  6. Create the directory where the index should be created, e.g. c:\Program Files\regain\searchindex. This isn't done automatically by the crawler for security reasons.

Starting the crawler

The crawler is started from the console with the command: java -jar regain-crawler.jar

You can specify the following parameters:

  • ­–help: Shows the possible parameters.
  • ­-forceNewIndex: Forces the creation of a new index. If not specified, the crawler will try to update an existing index.
  • -retryFailedDocs: If set, the crawler tries to reindex documents, that failed the last time, too. Normally only those documents are retried, that have changed since the last try. Therefore this parameter only makes sense, if you have changed the configuration of the preparators, because otherwise these documents will fail again, which costs needlessly time.
  • -onlyEntries <WhitelistEntry1>,<WhitelistEntry2>: The list of whitelist entries that should be processed. All other entries of the white list will be left in the index, but not updated.
  • -config <filename>: Specifies the configuration file that should be used. Default is CrawlerConfiguration.xml.
  • ­-logConfig <filename>: Specifies the logging configuration file that should be used. Default is
  • (optional) parameters handled by java, see the Java documentation. This includes for instance -Xmx256m (allocate more memory to Java VM) -Dfile.encoding=8859_1 (file encoding is not the same as the locale)

Example with parameters:

java -jar regain-crawler.jar -config HomepageConfig.xml
  1. Install Jakarta Tomcat 3.2.3 or higher. You get Tomcat here. Of course you may use another servlet engine as well, e.g. Jetty.
  2. Copy the file regain.war in the tomcat subdirectory webapps. You find it in the downloaded zip-file in the directory regain\runtime\search\webapps.
  3. Copy the file SearchConfiguration.xml in the tomcat subdirectory conf\regain. You find it in the downloaded zip-file in the directory regain\runtime\search\conf\regain.
  4. Change the file SearchConfiguration.xml and specify where the index directory is located, e.g. c:\Program Files\regain\index.

Start tomcat: Execute startup in the tomcat subdirectory bin.

Note: If you start tomcat as a Windows service you have to set the absolute path to your webapps/regain directory in the web.xml.


  <param-value>c:/Program Files/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/regain</param-value>
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