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Installation of the desktop variant of regain

This article describes, how to install the desktop variant of regain.


At first you have to download regain from the download page.

Under Windows you may use the Windows-installer for installation, under other platforms you have to unpack the zip file.

Starting regain

regain must have been started if you want to search something. You recognise if regain is startet by the regain-symbol (a blue “r”) in the task bar beside the clock.

The Windows-installer starts regain automatically. If you have downloaded the zip file, then you start regain by double clicking the file regain.exe resp. regain.jar.

If this doesn't work, enter the following commands in the console:

cd ''[regain-Verzeichnis]''
java -jar regain.jar

In order to start regain after every booting, you better create a link in the autostart folder. The installer does this automatically.

At the first start your browser will come up and show the welcome page.

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