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Access rights management

The Access rights management ensures that a user only sees documents in his search results he has reading rights for.

How can I use this feature?

Step 1: Implementing the access controllers

In order to use this feature, you have to implement two interfaces:

  • CrawlerAccessController from the package net.sf.regain.crawler.access. It gets a document and must be able to return a list of groups that have reading rights for that document.
  • SearchAccessController from the package It gets a page request and must be able to identify, which user initiated that request and to which groups this user belongs.

Your classes have to provide a standard constructor (a constructor that takes no parameters) and should be packed in a .jar-file.

How you identify, which user has initiated a request, depends on your web application where you integrated regain. Normally you do this by checking, whether there is a valid session and to which user this session belongs.

How you get the groups of a document or of a user, depends on your filesystem. So you have to call a script or something else that returns you the groups.

Step 2: Configuring the access controllers

The CrawlerAccessController is used by the crawler, the SearchAccessController is used by the search mask.

You tell the crawler, which CrawlerAccessController to use, by providing a <crawlerAccessController>-tag in the CrawlerConfiguration.xml. In this tag you specify the class name of your CrawlerAccessController and you may provide it with parameters.


  <class jar="myAccess.jar">mypackage.MyCrawlerAccessController</class>
    <param name="scriptPath">c:\regain\access\getDocumentGroups.cmd</param>

Important: Each time after you've changed the CrawlerAccessController or after the rights of a document or of a user have changed, you have to create a new index.

In order to tell the search mask, which SearchAccessController to use, you have to add a <searchAccessController>-tag in your SearchConfiguration.xml. This tag has the same structure as the one for the crawler.


  <class jar="myAccess.jar">mypackage.MySearchAccessController</class>
    <param name="scriptPath">c:\regain\access\getUserGroups.cmd</param>
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