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Regain manual

regain is a search engine similar to web search engines like Google. Using regain you can search through large portions of data (several gigabytes!) in split seconds! This is possible by using a search index. regain crawles through your files or webpages, extracts all text and puts it in a smart search index. All this happens in the background. So if you want to search something you get the results immediately.

There are two variants of regain: The desktop search and the server search. The desktop search is to be used on a normal desktop computer and it offers you a fast search for documents or intranet webpages. The server search you can install on web servers. It provides searching functionality for a website or for intranet fileservers. To learn more about the differernces of these two variants read the Comparison of the regain variants.

About regain

  • Features - The features of regain.
  • Components - The most important components of regain.



Project information

  • Sourcecode - How to download the source code.
  • Used libraries - A list of projects used by regain.
  • Terminology - Short explanations of special terms regarding regain and search engines.
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