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-====== Libraries used by regain ====== 
-These are the projects used by regain: 
-  * Jakarta Regexp 1.3 (''​jakarta-regexp-1.3.jar''​). Allows using [[:​config:​regular expression]]s. See: http://​​regexp 
-  * Jakarta Log4j 1.2.11 (''​log4j-1.2.11.jar''​). Provides logging. See: http://​​log4j 
-  * Jakarta Lucene 1.4.3 (''​lucene-1.4.3.jar''​). Contains the core of the search, that is index creation and searching on the index. See http://​​lucene 
-  * Apache XML Xerces 2.6.2 (''​xercesImpl.jar''​ and ''​xml-apis.jar''​). Provides a parser for reading XML files. See http://​​xerces2-j 
-  * PDFBox 0.7.1 (''​PDFBox-0.7.1.jar''​). Reads PDF documents. Only works with Java 1.3 and above. See http://​ 
-  * Jakarta POI 3.0 alpha 1 (''​poi-3.0-alpha1-20050704.jar''​ and ''​poi-scratchpad-3.0-alpha1-20050704.jar''​). Reads Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents. Unfortunately the reading of Word files is still in an early development stage. See http://​​poi 
-  * Jacob 1.8 (''​jacob.jar''​ und ''​jacob.dll''​). Allows the access to COM objects from Java. This is used to read Microsoft Office documents, by reading the data directly from the Microsoft Office applications. See http://​​projects/​jacob-project 
-  * Jacobgen (''​jacobgen''​ directory). Code generator for Jacob. Allows a simpler access on COM objects by generating wrapper classes. The used version is a further development of the [[http://​|STZ-IDA]],​ based on version 0.3. See http://​​projects/​jacobgen 
-  * Simple (''​simple-2.5.3.jar''​). A very slim Java HTTP server. Used by the [[:​project_info:​variant_comparison|desktop search]]. See also: [[:​components:​search mask]]. See http://​ 
-  * JDIC (''​jdic.jar''​ and ''​tray.dll''​). A tray icon support. See https://​ 
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