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This page shows the content of the DesktopConfiguration.xml - the configuration file of the desktop variant of regain.

Typically you don't have to edit this file. You can use the settings page instead.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE entities [
 <!ENTITY minus "&#45;">
 <!ENTITY lt "&#60;">
 <!ENTITY gt "&#62;">
    <namespace name="search"></search>
    <namespace name="config">net.sf.regain.ui.desktop.config.sharedlib</config>
    <namespace name="status">net.sf.regain.ui.desktop.status.sharedlib</config>
  • configuration file for desktop variant only.
  • <ENTITY>-values define some names of common characters inside XML-documents.
  • <interval>: the time to wait (in minutes) until the crawler should update the index.
  • <port>: the TCP-port to use for the search mask.
  • <allow_external_access>: If set to false, the search mask only accepts queries on the same PC (localhost). If set to true, and the Firewall is configured correctly, other PCs in the network may search and access the files.
  • <simple_register_namespace>: Configuration of the JSP Tags (see custom tags).
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