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====== Crawler Plugins ====== Crawler Plugins hook into the [[project_info:crawling_process|crawling process]] in order to add advanced functionality. ==== What can crawler plugins do? ==== Some examples: * Modify the result of preparators * by specifying default-values if the chosen preparator does not fill in a certain field (''onBeforePrepare'') * by overriding or modyfing the results of whatever preparator was chosen (''onAfterPrepare'') * Modify their storage in the lucene index * Do sth at every start or end of the crawling process (e.g. inform the administrator via email) ==== How to create a crawler plugin ==== - Create a class that implements ''CrawlerPlugin''. - Packaged it (and all its dependencies) as a .jar * In the manifest file, the attribute ''Plugin-Class'' must be set to the complete class name of the implementing class. - Drop it into the ''plugins''-Directory. ==== Existing Plugins ==== * Create Thumbnails of indexed documents (

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